A lifetime of excellence begins early. If you’re looking for a private school (or an alternative to child care) that gives your preschool through 3rd grade student a solid foundation for achievement, you've found the right place:

  • A safe, vibrant environment where your child’s talents, curiosity, and intellect are nurtured every day
  • An advanced academic curriculum paired with an unequalled arts enrichment program
  • Award-winning/degreed teachers, organic meals, low student ratios, a unique emphasis on hands-on/whole-child learning
  • Our Programs are designed to give bright & gifted students from Herriman, Riverton, South Jordan, Sandy Utah and beyond, the resources and opportunities needed to unlock their true potential.


Daybreak Academy is committed to creating a healthy environment on a micro and macro level for our precious students as well as the wider community. The Academy has a small carbon footprint. The entire building and operations were built on green principles. That’s why the entire facility is heated and cooled with a Geothermal System to keep excessive carbon dioxide and other pollutants out of the environment. The preschool also has it’s own operating “Windspire” windmill that creates electricity to power the building along with an impressive solar array on our roof (see us featured on the news in the video below). The children learn about green energy production as part of their science curriculum and leave the Academy understanding that each of us has the opportunity to make this world a safer, healthier, greener place. Our menu features organic, local and sustainably sourced food free of unhealthy additives, chemicals and artificial coloring and flavoring. Research suggests that eating pesticide-free food benefits developing brains. For more information on avoiding pesticide exposure, visit this link:  http://www.marchofdimes.org/baby/pesticides-and-your-baby.aspx

Daybreak Academy is a safe haven for children. Unfortunately, in today’s world there is growing concern about the risk of child abuse and child endangerment. The Academy goes above and beyond in terms of student safety, giving both children and their families the security and peace of mind that every child deserves. Students are cared for in an impressively safe and healthy environment. Every staff member is required to pass a comprehensive background check. Every classroom has password protected video monitoring that allows parents to go online and check in on their child AT ANY TIME. This level of transparency is rare. Some other preschool programs have video surveillance but most do not allow parents to check in remotely or off-site. The Academy has nothing to hide and a lot to show off, so restricting access is never a concern. With an open campus, parents are allowed to drop in at any time to participate in the classroom or observe.

For more information about our school's purpose and philosophy, visit Our Mission page. For more information about our advanced Arts & Academics offerings and schedules, visit our Programs page. To here what our current families think of us, visit our Testimonials